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In the tradition of William Faulkner’s home (Rowan Oak – Oxford, MS), Carl Sandburg’s home (Connemara – Flat Rock, NC), and Joel Chandler Harris’s home (Wren’s Nest – Atlanta, GA), Andalusia offers a glimpse into the life and times of a great American writer. All over the country, the legacies of famous authors are remembered at literary landmarks, historic houses, library collections, museums, and gravesites. With Andalusia, the Flannery O’Connor Collection and Memorial Room at Georgia College, and Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville is fortunate to have all of these commemorative attractions in one community. USA Today in 2000 named Milledgeville one of America’s ten important literary destinations, quite an achievement for a small town in central Georgia. Flannery O’Connor is widely recognized as Georgia’s finest author and one of the most respected fiction writers in American literature. Andalusia has the potential to illuminate in fresh and imaginative ways the life and accomplishments of Flannery O’Connor for teachers, students, scholars, and loyal readers for many years to come.

Front porch rockers

Front porch with rockers at Andalusia

From one of our Friends of Andalusia:
"Hearing about some memorial society for her, Flannery might have quoted 'Let the dead bury their own dead' and reminded people to get on about the business of the living.  And that’s what the Foundation is doing — keeping Andalusia a lively stage for a host of speakers and events that grow out of Flannery’s life and stories. Somehow, a shy lady on crutches once made a remote old farm into a community center for a wide range of visitors.  I’m thrilled to see that hospitality continuing again at Andalusia, and in a style Miss O’Connor would appreciate —both respectful and wry."
J. Wills -- Madison, WI

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