Main House at Andalusia

The Main House is a circa 1850s white two-story, Plantation Plain style structure with a red metal roof and several additions, including a three-room extension on the north corner of the house.  These additions were present when Flannery O’Connor occupied the house. The three-room extension was, in fact, added for additional space in 1959 while O’Connor was living there.

The front door of the house opens to a short hallway with an open railed staircase leading up the left wall to a mid-floor Interior of the house: staircaselanding. Beneath the landing is a door going back to the central room of the rear suite. The front room on the left is Flannery O’Connor’s bedroom, which was also where she worked; therefore, it was equipped with her desk and bookshelves along with her bedroom furniture. A door at the back of Flannery’s room leads to Mrs. O’Connor’s bedroom.

The front room on the right is the dining room. The kitchen is located behind the dining room. The three small rooms attached to the rear of the original structure contain a storage room, a bathroom, and a utility room. The three-room north corner extension is designed as an apartment consisting of a spacious sitting room, a small bedroom, and a bathroom.

The stairs from the mid-floor landing lead up to a railed balcony hall that connects the two second-story bedrooms, both roughly the same size. There is a bathroom between the closets of the two rooms that is accessible from the hall. On either side of the house there are chimneys providing fireplaces for Flannery’s bedroom, the dining room, and the two second-story bedrooms. However, Flannery and her mother used gas space heaters throughout most of the house.

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