Volunteers at Andalusia

Would you like to volunteer at Andalusia? We are always looking for people interested in devoting their time and talents to our operation. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your interests and how we can match your skills with jobs at Andalusia. Call us at 478-454-4029.

Volunteer Dick Mueller
Volunteer Dick Mueller wrestles with stubborn wisteria vines behind the main house.

Dick Mueller dedicates his time (not to mention his back) to grounds keeping and maintenance. Dr. Melanie DeVore from Georgia College organizes environmental activities at Andalusia and writes articles about the plants at the farm and in O'Connor's works. Louis Kaduk gives interpretive guided tours of Lower Tobler Creek Trail, for which he created the design and supervised construction. Josephine King has completed several projects on the grounds, such as the brick path near the driveway. Claire Shepard, a retired high school English teacher, helps with the newsletter and receptions. A group of community volunteers helps each year with special events such as the Bluegrass concert and the February Lecture Series. We have been fortunate here at Andalusia over the past few years to have faithful volunteers from the creative writing program at Georgia College who came out to the farm to help with everything from yard work to bridge construction. Of course, the Foundation's Board of Directors are all volunteers responsible for the organization's governance, but many of them help with special events, receptions, and educational programs.

Volunteers at Bridge
Student volunteers reinforcing bridge supports on the nature trail.
GCSU student volunteers
Student volunteers creating a shrub bed on the front lawn.


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